Introducing the Tri-Vortext Gold Plated Disc

Featuring the Maximum Tri-Vortex Energies

Every biological cell is surrounded by a phosphorous based shealth therefore

the Tri-Vortex treated gold plating transfers the novel organizing energies through

this barrier at the highest and most effective rate and manner for maximum hydration

and pain relief. Customers who have purchased the stainless steel disc are invited to

take the smell and taste challange to experience the superior power of the gold plated disc.


“I received both Tri Vortex Discs and the Tri Vibes within 2 days of ordering. One interesting thing we noticed with the Disc is:

We distill our tap water using a Durastill distiller and store the water in a stainless-steel container and normally keep a clean pure copper glass inside the water container since Copper has the tendency to draw out impurities from the water as well as negatively charge it.

We normally notice only a slight dark shade on the copper glass every 5 days and it is expected because the water is already distilled and should not be having many impurities. However, this time the only change was I placed the Tri-Vortex Disc under the stainless-steel water storage in direct contact and within a day or so we noticed that the copper glass turned completely dark almost pitch dark in some places implying that it has drawn a whole lot of toxins or impurities from the water.

I have never seen a copper vessel turning this dark before, especially when placed in distilled water, so I was pleasantly surprised knowing that the Tri Vortex Disc was so powerful. I have also started wearing the Tri-VIbes on my chest and the chain on my right ankle for the past 3 days continuously and noticed my sleep pattern has improved.”

Rama G


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Inside United States

One Stainless Steel Disc - $75.00

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