Click picture above to observe how Angelika's

sprained ankle, painful hip and sciatica were transformed.

5 minute video - Be sure to watch in full screen.

Comment made by Angelika on her Facebook page

"Dear Brian ... All I have to say is THANK YOU !

I'm in Italy in this moment and my ankle is doing great, I'm running without any difficulty.

Information in picture is wrong..

Swelling reduced by 80 percent (not 40) at the moment [after first session]

and in 2 weeks after treatment -no more swelling.

Your machine it's amazing.

When I get back I will love to do the same thing on my back. Sending you a big hug from Italy"


Click Here to watch how the hip and knee challanges

of San Jose, California resident Tazz Powers were transformed by

the Stem Cell Stimulator and Transformed Plant Oils

This interview was completed before the Stem Cell Stimulator was created.


Below is a follow-up email from Tazz 45 days after completing her sessions

and following the Tri-Vortex Technology

Silver Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Juice & Probiotic protocol for 10 days -

"Great! You really did an excellent job editing [her video clip].
I didn't realize I had so many wisdom lines ... lol
I'll come back when you have something to lift
my body back to a physical age of 28. ;-)
Actually the good news for me also is that I've
lost 12 lbs since I began with you which is certainly
a pleasant plus. Not quite sure how this all stimulated
such a change, but I'm really excited for this alteration.
My body feels more calm and nourished, and I now
have an automatic shut off control when eating whereas
before I was always hungry.
With many BLESSINGS in every step you take!
Thank you for super support to understand and find
a way to regenerate my body physically.
You are a genius!"



Stephen & Judy Plank

Comprehensive Customer Comment - Click Here

Be sure to view full screen


Click Here to view how Cathy Hill addressed her chronic knee pain

due to an injury and operation over 30 years ago with

the Stem Cell Stimulator and the Transfomed Plant Oils



For the past 15 years the leading Tri-Vortex Technology distributor has been Judith Kravitz

who created novel breathing techniques that she teaches around the world.

She recently wrote a letter to her global mailing list regarding

her family's experiences with the Stem Cell Stimulator -

Click Here to read her letter


To view Dorothy Parmar's compelling transition with the Stem Cell Stimulator

watch this seven minute video in full screen - click here


If you want more information about the basics and foundation of

the Stem Cell Stimulator there is a documentary detailing healings

for all kinds of health conditions that occurred with an earlier version of

Brian David Andersen's invention that does not feature the water table.

Click Here to view video of the pioneering days f the Stem Cell Stimulator

NOTE: the video testimonials were shot at the Hippocrates Health Institute,

however Brian is no longer associated with HHI since he moved from Florida to California

and his technology is no longer available at HHI. The Stem Cell Stimulator is exclusively

available at the Tri-Vortex Technology facility located in Palm Desert, California.


Call 619 884-1455 for pricing and additional details about sessions and purchase/lease.


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