After personally using Tri-Vortex Technology products, you may be interested in retailing the products either as an individual or in your business.

Distributors receive wholesale pricing based on number of units purchased of the specific item.  Minimum purchase is 10 units of any one item.

Distributors may also elect to have items that they already sell or use treated in the Tri-Vortex Technology chamber.  Treatment starts with a minimum of 50 items.

All distributors must provide Tri-Vortex Technology with a Fed-Ex account number to cover all of their associated shipping costs.

Items purchased at distributor prices are not returnable and are non-refundable.  No refunds are made for the treatment of items treated for a distributor.

Distributors may elect to have their business or contact information listed and/or linked on the Tri-Vortex Technology website.

Please Contact Us for full details including current distributor pricing.