Development of Tri-Vortex Technology


Initial Work

In 1988, Brian David Andersen was exposed to a popular water treatment that was purported to structure water and provide better hydration to the body. He also became involved with the Chi Lamp but found that the proprietary mineral plate regularly required replacement. Andersen set out to find a way to structure water so it would provide optimum hydration that did not involve the ongoing purchase of additives and a method of pain relief that did not require periodic replacement of parts.



Over the next few years, Andersen experimented with high voltage and mixtures of iron oxides. He developed a unit that did improve the taste and smell of liquids and provided pain relief. This unit however was cumbersome. Suspecting that it was frequencies rather than the high voltage that actually brought about the change, Andersen redirected his research.





historypic2The new compact unit used batteries to power a small crystal oscillator to pulse a single frequency through iron oxides. Multy-Tranz II worked well and the company that produced a popular, but foul tasting, seaweed liquid dietary supplement purchased the rights to the unit. Promises by the company to fund further research by Andersen were not forthcoming, so again he set out to duplicate the effects but in a radically different way.







The Spiral Periodic Table

Working in the San Diego lab of Cleve Backster in 1992, Andersen discovered a chemistry book published in 1901 for doctors, nurses and dentists. The table of the chemical elements was placed on an Archimedean Spiral with 20 radial lines. A chemical element was placed at each intersection where the spiral line intersected the radial lines. The 1901 spiral table was incomplete because numerous chemical elements had not been discovered at the turn of the 20th century. historypic3

The Archimedean Spiral seemed to be a more logical and natural way to depict the elements than the standard rectangular table with its peculiar separation of sets of elements below and disconnected from the main table. However, the spiral chemical element table was in need of completion. So Andersen set to figuratively and literally working outside the box to complete the spiral chemical element table.

His study led to the work of Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. In their book “Occult Chemistry” written in 1908, they predicted 96 chemical elements –many of which were later found by traditional science. They did however, name 4 elements not yet documented by traditional science. These were X, Y, Z, and another noble gas, Kalon (Ka). Andersen incorporated these additional 4 elements into the spiral chart renaming X, Y, and Z as Leadbeaterin (Lb), Besanton (Bt), and Andersenum (Ad).

A critical geometrical application was added to assist in placing the chemical elements in the proper positions. Architects of the Parthenon in ancient Greece used a universal division of the circle to place buildings, statues and monuments at strategic locations. A circle in the form of an astrological chart divided into 12 parts with radial lines every 30 degrees was placed around the spiral chemical element chart. The astrological elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as well as the qualities of Fixed, Mutable, and Cardinal provided crucial information for placing the chemical elements on the intersection points and for which intersection points could not contain elements as currently understood.historypic4


The Great Pyramid Has The Power of Purpose

historypic5While he was studying the spiral table of elements, Andersen was exposed to the research of Bill Schul and Ed Pettit. For two centuries, Great Pyramid investigators knew that the walls of the structure are slightly indented. Why? The ancient Greek definition of the word Pyramid is Fire in the Middle: Fire (Pyr), in (a), middle (mid). How is the “fire” created in the middle? Focus is the “how”.

Schul and Pettit placed a front-sided mirror on a wall of a pyramid with the exact proportional measurements of the Great Pyramid but with no indentation to the wall. A laser beam was aimed at the slanted mirror mounted on the pyramid wall. The light beam reflected to another wall and a second mirror was placed at the point where light beam lit the second wall. Additional mirrors were placed at light points on the pyramid walls. The light beam in the pyramid with no indentations drifted off into open space with no particular purpose or power. Mirrors were then placed in a pyramid with the approximate proportional indentation as the Great Pyramid. The laser light beam reflected directly into areas in the Great Pyramid known as the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber. Their experiments proved that the novel geometry of the Great Pyramid focuses light particles.

Were the ancient Egyptians conducting subtle energy research or projects in the so-called King’s and Queen’s Chambers? The Great Pyramid focuses light particles that have the power of purpose. However, nature does not flash laser beams, so what kind of light particles are being precisely reflected in the Great Pyramid?

After 25 years of theory, physicists are now conducting experiments to prove that light particles existing and moving above 186,000 miles per second (speed of light) are in a very compact and dense state. These high velocity light particles or waves have been named Tachyons. Does a pyramid with precise indented walls not only focus Tachyons but also temporarily reduce the speed or re-phase the Tachyons to move below 186,000 per second?

Important Discoveries and Breakthroughs

While in the state of contemplation about tachyons, Andersen discovered how to precisely indent the lines of a four-sided pyramid with a very basic mathematical formula. Schul and Pettit had to indent their pyramid walls by estimation only. The basic mathematical formula was also applied to precisely indenting the lines of three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve sided figures.

historypic6Andersen then discovered that the geometric values of a four-sided pyramid including the indentation could be calculated and expressed in equal values by harmonic frequencies. The indentation of any equally sized geometric figure is expressed by what is known as the phase of a harmonic frequency. A harmonic frequency is calculated as a waveform. The phase is where one starts the frequency on the wave. The height of a geometric figure is expressed as amplitude in a harmonic frequency.

CAD and sound editing software were then used to create geometric figures and electromagnetic signals. The resultant energy fields were used to treat various liquids. Water, wine, grape juice and coffee were all repeatedly tested. All liquids exposed to the treatment field tasted better and became silkier and smoother to the palate. Like the Great Pyramid, the harmonic frequencies with specific phases and amplitudes created from any geometric figure with indented sides, as well as the indented figures themselves, have The Power of Purpose.

The first Tri-Vortex Treatment Chamber was constructed and the first Tri-Vortex product was created – the Tri-Vortex Plate. The plate was a credit card sized sheet of stainless steel that was placed in the treatment field for a minimum of 24 hours. Through the process of sympathetic resonance, the plate could then change the taste and quality of a liquid in under a minute. Further testing revealed that placing the plate on areas of pain or soreness also provided relief. In recent years, the plate has morphed into the Tri-Vortex Disc.

The Power and Purpose of Nine

Back to the spiral periodic table of elements: If geometric figures can be expressed as harmonic frequencies, is it possible for the chemical elements to be expressed as harmonic frequencies? Andersen saw the possibility of harmonic frequencies in the spiral table.

What are the specific harmonic frequencies of each chemical element? From the beginning, divisions and multiples of the number 18 have been a key aspect in Andersen’s subtle energy research. The single digits of the multiples of 18 total to a nine: 18 (1+8=9), 36 (3+6=9), 54 (5+4=9), 72 (7+2=9), etc. It was Nicola Tesla who stated: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the Universe.” After much logical analysis, research and experimentation, the value of 18 frequencies was assigned to the chemical of Hydrogen and every chemical element after Hydrogen has a multiple of 18 (36, 54, 72) that repeats by quadrants. Each chemical element on the same radial line of the spiral table of elements as Hydrogen has 18 specific frequencies that are different from Hydrogen with precise phases and amplitudes.

Planet Earth resonates at approximately 7.83 Hertz (Schumann Resonance). What is the resonate frequency of the chemical elements? Radio and communication signals cannot be created between 2,000 and 5,000 Hertz because of static interference also called white or background noise. Andersen concluded the harmonic frequency field of the chemical elements is between 2,000 and 5,000 Hertz. One set of frequencies spiraling upward at approximately 2,000 hertz and second set of frequencies spiraling downward at approximately 5,000 Hertz create a holographic harmonic frequency helix. Does our existence vibrate in a geometric and harmonic spiral/helix code in the range of white or background noise?

Electrical Chemical Elements

A group of chemical elements is vulnerable to transiting into the Electrical State when stressed. These chemical elements are not a multiple of 18 but a division of 18. According to the spiral chart, a chemical element exists before Hydrogen and has nine harmonic frequencies with specific phases and amplitudes.

Andersen named this chemical element Clevebacksterum, chemical element symbol Cb. Most of Andersen’s research and discoveries were made in the laboratory of Cleve Backster. Backster provided the critical research for the book “The Secret Life of Plants” and is the author of “Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells”.

Cb is located on the same radial lines, as Phosphorous and Nitrogen. Phosphorous only exists in this dimension when compounded with another chemical element. When isolated in a pure form and released into the atmosphere, Phosphorous makes a hissing sound and disappears. Nitrogen is virtually never found in nature as a single molecule because of its reactivity. Nitrogen gas that makes up 78% of our atmosphere is actually N2. Cb, like its common radial line neighbor Phosphorous, can only exist in this dimension when compounded with another chemical element. Probably 99 percent of the Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Phosphorous molecules of the Galaxy have Cb attached.

A device called a Hydrogen Fuel Cell generates electricity and produces pure water as a by-product. Andersen postulates that the stress in the fuel cell separates the Cb from the Hydrogen and the Cb goes into the Electrical State as the Hydrogen mixes with the Oxygen to make water. When temperatures and pressures stress Nitrogen in the atmosphere, the Cb separates and goes into the Electrical State, also called lightning. Is Cb the ignition element for the massive explosive force of our Sun?

South African Connection

The next phase of development of Tri-Vortex Technology was to program the frequencies of the chemical elements so they could be incorporated into the treatment chamber field. This was a very laborious and time intensive process.

In 2003 Anton Ungerer of South Africa contacted Andersen. Ungerer had purchased some plates from a distributor and was quite impressed. He invited Andersen to South Africa to do a series of lectures and workshops. Andersen and Ungerer discussed the difficulty of the manual programming of the chemical elements. This led to a partnership that created one-of-kind software program that is the current foundation for Tri-Vortex Technology and to the construction of a second treatment chamber located in Cape Town, South Africa. Ungerer has gone on to develop numerous products for alternative healthcare and has done extensive testing in agriculture and animal husbandry using Tri-Vortex Technology.

Tri-Vibes and More

Once the programming software had been developed, the frequencies of the chemical elements were added to those of geometric shapes to create the field in the Tri-Vortex Treatment Chamber. Andersen then focused on additional ways to use the treatment field. An old injury to his knee was acting up, so Andersen began to experiment on himself. Joint injuries were being treated with hyaluronic acid (HA) injections with good results but at that time the available oral HA was too large of a molecule to be absorbed through the digestive tract. He taped a HA capsule to the knee overnight. As expected, nothing happened. He then taped a HA capsule that had been treated for 24 hours in the Tri-Vortex Chamber to his knee and also wore a small bag of treated HA over his chest. To his amazement, in less than an hour his knee pain had virtually resolved. A treated capsule of HA was kept on the knee for 20 days. That particular area of pain has never recurred.

This experience led to the development of the first generation of Tri-Vibes and the development of the theory of Light Particle Assimilation.

Ongoing experimentation and development has led to a solid core of products. Tri-Vortex Technology is an organic, ever-evolving subtle energy modality. Andersen will never stop doing research and development.

The “River Of Life”

The Tachyon State that exists beyond human senses and instrumentation functions similar to a river of rapidly flowing water. When a spiral plastic tube is placed in a river of flowing water, the liquid in the tube is temporarily moving at a slower rate and velocity as the river of water. The water in the tube is in the river of water but not of the river of water. Light particles flowing in geometric figures with indented lines or in inaudible electromagnetic frequencies with specific phases and amplitudes are in the Tachyon “River” but not of the Tachyon “River”.

Our existence is created by harmonic frequencies or inaudible electromagnetic signals temporarily re-phasing or slowing down holographic light particles from the Tachyon State. After flowing through the harmonic field, the light particles then return to the Tachyon state. Our reality is in a constant state of “temporary”. The light particle/wave (tachyon) is in a constant state of temporary by being re-phased in velocity from above the speed of light to below the speed of light. When moving in the below the speed of light velocity, the light particle/wave is compressed in the “particle state” while gathering data and information. After the light particle/wave exits the harmonic field of the molecule, the light particle accelerates to above the speed of light and spreads out into a waveform thus sharing all information gathered while in the compact particle state.

The imparted information becomes One or shared with all the other light particles/waves while they are in the waveform state or river above the speed of light and the shared information is carried with the light particles/waves when re-phased to below the speed of light. This entire cycle probably occurs in less than a billionth of a second.

As the Harmonic Frequency Field Theory gains in awareness or controversy, persons of all ages, sexes, religions, incomes and races will have the opportunity to pause and consider the implication that our reality is constantly temporary. Will the focus of the power and purpose of an individual or nation be more accepting and loving as our species embraces that all substances are made of temporary yet holographic light particles? Love and light are the basic power and purpose for all life forms in any dimension.


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